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The "Fast 50" Program:  Students Keeping Their Schools Safe
With what seems like an increasing number of violent incidences within our nations schools, school safety has become an emotional concern for students, parents and school administrators.  In  a progressive effort to prevent crime and to solve crime in our schools, the Kalamazoo Silent Observer Program has implemented the "Fast 50 Program" in some of the schools in Kalamazoo County .  

The existence of the "Fast 50 Program" does not indicate that a school has a crime or drug problem, but provides a proactive approach to administrators, students, parents, and the community, by promoting a safer school environment. In addition to providing an anonymous method for students to safely report school crimes without fear of retaliation, this program encourages the development of responsibility for one's own environment.
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How It Works:

"Fast 50" provides students with multiple options to report incidences of drugs, weapons, vandalism and stolen property that occur in their schools: Students can call the Silent Observer tip-line at 343-2100; visit the Silent Observer website and type in an anonymous tip, or submit a tip through the free "P3Tips" app.   
Students may also speak directly to a school resource officer or a school employee that they feel they can confide in.  If their information leads to solving of a crime or the recovery of illegal contraband, the student is eligible for a $50 reward. 
When tips are received, the decision for police intervention is left up to the school administrators.
The main goal of this program is to provide a safe school environment for the fostering of educational growth.